It is not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It is what we do consistently. – Anthony Robbins

To be consistent means to fully dedicate yourself completely to a task, activity or goal.

The truth is that The habit of consistency is not about obtaining quick results.

Even though the concept of staying consistent seems very simple on the surface, most people do struggle with this idea which may be due to factors such as distractions, indiscipline, lack of commitment, and focus. It requires that you commit yourself to a sustained effort of action over the long term.

I have seen and heard people – youths, working professionals and entrepreneurs complained that there are no results to show for their consistency.

Consistency is not purely about repetitions. It is rather an about evolution.

This is not about mindlessly repeating an action over and over again. It’s about learning, growing and adapting your actions that can help lead to incremental improvements over an extended period of time

Whether you are a student, an apprentice, a working professional, an entrepreneur, and so on. Consistency is all about building small consistent daily rituals/efforts (as part of that routine) that help you form new habits that support the goals you are trying to achieve.

Consistency is of course not about perfect execution.

Taking consistent massive action overtime isn’t about trying to be perfect. It’s rather about continuously practising what you need to do to be successful. And yes, practising is the key. That’s essentially all you are doing. You are consistently practising your craft over an extended period of time up until the point you have either achieved your goal or mastered the craft.

To practice, your craft essentially requires that you build on the previous day’s work and look at ways you can learn and improve your actions. Ask yourself two simple questions:
1. What did I learn yesterday?
2. How can I improve things for today?

These two questions essentially allow you to keep making progress; they allow you to keep improving and refining your tasks and activities over an extended period of time to help improve your efficiency and effectiveness. And all this essentially comes down to building good habits.

When you commit yourself to perform an activity or task at the same time every day without fear of failing, you are at that moment building an empowering habit that will over time blossom and help you get the desired outcomes you are after.

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