What is Personal Branding?

It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want the world to see you for/as. Your personal brand is how you promote yourself both online and offline.

People often talk about wanting to improve their personal brand. In this case, it is not the usual business brand we all know.

The idea of “personal branding” is unusual to most people. But in this online era, where things, both good and bad, last forever on the internet, personal branding can be considered more important than ever.

Have you ever Googled your name? Obviously, you may find that other people share your name. But when you do see items that mention you, do they show what you want the world to see? Or should you “work on” your online reputation to make it more acceptable, and put you in a more favorable and advantageous light?

Not to forget, how do people perceive you offline? Do they connect with you and your personal values and what you represent?

Watch out for my next post as I share more with you on personal branding.

Have a great week!

©️Emmanuel Fadipe

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